Server Scenario Interview Questions – Part 2

Server Scenario Interview Question : 1

Assume that you have a production servers in your organization and it was utilized by the users at 24/7. Once you monitored that one of your production server was having high CPU Utilization. After analyzing you came to know that one of the application which was in production was taking utilization. What are the steps you need to do to solve the issue.

Possible doubts that we have:

1) We may think that it may be due to the Operating System problem.

2) We may also think that it may be caused due to the virus.

3) We may also think that the issue can be resolved after restarting the server.

Answer :

All the above possible doubts which we have can be one of the issues and there is nothing wrong in checking all those issues, since these possibilities also exist. But the real cause for the problem may be the patches which was delivered by the application manufacturer. A simple install and uninstall may also fix the problem. You also need to make sure that you are having the latest updates for the operating system and you need to update your system to the latest service packs. If you are trying to figure out which process is causing the problem then you can try the Process Explorer.

Server Scenario Interview Question : 2

You have a head office in one place and branch office in another place. Head office is already configured with all the necessary network equipment’s. You are asked to prepare the branch office where all the servers and workstations are already wired and kept ready. There are about 100 workstations and each of the workstations are brand new without Operating system and connected to the network and kept ready for the installation of the operating system. You are asked to install the operating system in all the workstation with minimum amount of time. What you will do.

Solution :

At first you need to create a active directory environment install the WSUS in one of the server. You can need to configure the WSUS server to install the operating system (whatever necessary for you). After configuring the WSUS server you also need to configure the DHCP Server to push the image file to install the operating system in all the physical machines. Since the WSUS server needs to push the images to all the workstation, it will consume all your network resource too and you need to be prepared to face this.

Server Scenario Interview Question : 3

You have joined as a new active directory domain administrator and you were asked to do your maintenance of the server. As a part of the maintenance you were asked to diagnosis the domain controller. Which command you will use to do the diagnosis in your domain controller.

Solution :

In order to run the diagnosis in your domain controller you need to use the built-in command called “dcdiag” -> This command is used to analyze the state of the domain controller and will report if there is any problem in your domain controller.

DCDIAG will perform the following automatic analysis and will report it.

  • Connectivity
  • Replication
  • Topology Integrity
  • Directory Partition Head Permissions
  • User Permissions
  • Locator Functionality
  • Inter-site Health
  • Trust Verification
  • Diagnose Replication Latencies
  • Replication of Trust Objects
  • File Replication Service
  • Critical Services Check

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  1. Sezhian. S says:

    Thanks for the content…need more like this. .

  2. Visva says:

    In your Scenario-2 question, we need to have WDS for the OS deployment. WSUS – Windows Server Update Service, is meant for pushing Windows Updates to the domain computer.

  3. Vishnu Mahendra Chowdary says:

    WSUS is Only for Deploying Updates…For Install Operating systems..We use Windows Deployment Services (WDS) server…

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