Important Server Port Numbers & its Uses

What is meant by Port Number ?

  • A Port is a Application specific or Process specific software used to serve as a communication endpoint in a computer’s host operating system.
  • Port is associated to the IP Address of the Host Computer.
  • Protocols that uses Ports are TCP & UDP
  • A IP Address with the Port Number completes the Address for Communication.
  • Eg Devices that uses ports : Network Routers, Computer Software etc

Port Number Range :

Port Address Size is 16-Bits which was called as Port Number. Port Range varies from 0 to 65535

Important Ports Numbers :

15                    Netstat

21                    FTP

22                    FTP over SSL

23                    Telnet

25                    SMTP

42                    WINS

53                    DNS

67                    Bootp

68                    DHCP

80                    HTTP

88                    Kerberos

101                  Hostname

110                  POP3

119                  NNTP

123                  NTP  (Network time protocol)

139                  NetBIOS

143                  IMAP4

161                  SNMP

180                  RIS (Remote Installation Server)

389                  LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

443                  HTTPS (HTTP over SSL/TLS)

520                  RIP

3389                Terminal services (Remote Desktop)

443                  SSL (https) (http protocol over TLS/SSL)

220                  IMAP3

3268                AD Global Catalog

3269                AD Global Catalog over SSL

500                  Internet Key Exchange, IKE (IPSec) (UDP 500)

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