How to install browser extensions in Microsoft Edge

Mini Bytes: Have you downloaded Windows 10 Anniversary Update, then now you can install browser extensions in Microsoft Edge Browser. Follow the steps below to install the browser extensions.

Microsoft has released anniversary update for Windows 10, and this update gives you the ability to install browser extensions in Microsoft Edge Browser.

In order to compete with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft was doing more work in improving Windows 10 operating system. One of the most wanted feature in Microsoft Edge Browser is its ability to add extension and it will give you more control over the web browser.

To install browser extensions, first go to Microsoft browser and then, go to the settings option which will be located in the right hand side corner.

There you can see an option called “Extensions” .Now open the extension which will load extension browser in your web browser.


There you can see an option called “Get extensions from the store”, just click on it till it gets loaded.

Microsoft extension store will open the dedicated browser extensions page which was supported for your Edge Browser. You can see various types of extensions which will be supported in your Edge browser.


You can simply click on the extension and add those browser extensions in your web browser.

Most of the browsers which is available in the extension store are free to install and it was also having a rating so that you can use it according to your age. In this article, I will show you how to install a free extension.

After opening extension in your Microsoft store you can see an option called “Free”. Simply click the free button and install your extension to your age Browser.


After your browser extension gets installed successfully in your Edge browser, the notification menu will show you the message in your Action Center that it was available to use.

Now your extension was ready to be used with your Edge browser, but you can’t see your extension icon nearby your address bar. To enable this option you just need to simply click the tree and then select the extension.

After opening the extensions settings, you can see an option called “show button next to the address bar”, just enable this option to view your extension icon next to the address bar.

Microsoft has decided not to clog all the extensions nearby your address bar, so that you can clearly use your web browser to browse all the webpages freely.

The settings menu which you have used to enable the option to show your icon, nearby your address bar, can also be used to view more options and also to uninstall the extension from your web browser.

This is how you can install browser extensions in Microsoft Edge Browser. Microsoft was adding more features to Microsoft browser and also to its new Windows 10 operating system.

By releasing the Windows 10 anniversary update, it was confirmed that, Microsoft was working to improve Windows 10 in all the ways.

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