How to Install Pokemon Go in Windows 10 Mobile

Mini Bytes: Do you want to know how to install Pokemon Go game in your Windows 10 Mobile, Then here is the tutorial. Still official app for windows 10 was not released.

Pokemon go is the latest game which was changing the way of playing game. Pokemon go was released for both Android and IOS and users are still making huge number of downloads. User of Windows 10 mobile are waiting for the release of the Pokemon Go game.



After several days of Pokemon go for Android and IOS, finally they have released the app for Windows 10 mobile and now you can enjoy all the benefits of the game in your Windows 10 mobile.

This release was not official for the windows 10 mobile.

The most interesting feature in releasing the Pokemon go was, this game was released as an (UWP) Universal Windows platform application, so that it supports both windows mobile and also Windows OS that gives you the ability to play in your Windows mobile and in your PC.

In this tutorial, we are going to see how to install Pogo-UWP (Universal Windows platform) app

This game was still not available in the Windows 10 store and so you need to load this application from Pokemon trainer club.

  • As the first step, create an account in the Pokemon™ Trainer Club.
  • Now use your BlueStacks or Android or iOS and login into the Pokemon application which is have installed in it.
  • After successful login, logout of the official application.
  • Now download the following files 123 and place it in the folder.
  • Now change your storage settings from SD card to the phone storage, otherwise this application will not install.
  • Enable device portal by following the Microsoft article.
  • Go to the Device Portal -> Apps.
  • Install File 1 (Which you have downloaded) under “Install App”.
  • Click “Add Dependency” for 2 times and add the files #2 & #3.
  • Click on Deploy -> Go and wait until “Done” is shown
  • Now launch the app and Login

Now you can play the game in Windows 10 Mobile Devices.

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