Windows 10 Errors Dead Cortana bug, 0xa0000400 and 0x80070057 – How to Fix it

Mini Bytes: A Reader from Softpedia has confirmed that the below workaround will work for the PC’s that was throwing errors while updating the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The workaround is very simple by disabling the LAN or WiFi and also by editing the Registry Key.

After the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update, more people around the world experienced issues while updating to the latest update through the inbuilt Windows Update tool. There are more information that people who are all updating through the media creation tool are not experiencing the issues.

There are issues like system hanging after the reboot of Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Cortana was not opening and working after the update. Most of the people reported that they are seeing these error codes after the restart.

Error Code 1: 0xa0000400

Error Code 2: 0x80070057

So how to fix the error code 0xa0000400 and 0x80070057 and also how to make cortana to work as usual.

Fix 0xa0000400 and 0x80070057 Errors:

If you are using the Windows update tool to install the latest update Windows 10 Anniversary Update, then after your system downloads the updates disable your WIFI and LAN connection after the Windows Update tool tells that the downloading phase was completed.

If the LAN and WLAN was disabled then your update will install in your Windows 10 PC without any issue. After that you can reboot you PC and work as usual with the latest features in Windows 10.

Microsoft has acknowledged that there are more bugs present in Windows 10 Anniversary update and they are still working in the bugs. They have also confirmed that, these bugs will be cleared from their upcoming patches which they are going to release shortly.

How to Enable Dead Cortana using Registry Editor:

Even if you sucessfuly fix the error codes, after successfull rebooting, your cortana may go dead and you can’t able to open cortana in your home screen. Many people have reported that COrtana was dead even in countries where Cortana service was available and working previously.

To work around this error, you need to use the Registry Editor tool whihc comes pre included in your WIndows 10 Operating SYstem

Step 1: Goto RUN -> type “regedit” to open the registry editor.

Step 2: Now Goto the following location.


There you can see the following keys “BingSearchEnabled” & “CortanaEnabled”

Step 3: Make sure they both have the values as “1”. If not change the values to 1.

Step 4: Now restart your PC and after the reboot Cortana will be working fine.

Now both your 0xa0000400 and 0x80070057 error and dead cortana bug was fixed.

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