Top 15 Android M Features

Android M is the latest android operating system, which was released by google a week ago. Between these there are more features which was introduced in the Android M or Android 6.0. In those let us see some of the features which was available in the android marshmallow.

Android-6.0-Marshmallow1) App Permissions

In Android M we can able to select the individual permissions for the apps which we are installing. Previously be default all the permissions for all the apps which we are installing will be enabled, but now we can enable and disable the app permissions before installing and after installing the apps in the android m.

2) Finger Support

Like IPhone the finger support was newly introduced in the Android M. But phone manufacturers not yet manufactured the android phones with the finger print support. We need to wait a bit long to get the android phones with the finger print support.

3) Web Experience

When comparing with the other versions of the android, Android M has better user experience when interacting with the websites and applications. More features has been introduced in the Android M to get good web user experience.

Custom tabs have been introduced in the Chrome browser which will let you browse across the tabs.

4) Mobile Payments

Android Pay has been introduced in the Android M. Using this feature we can use our android mobiles to pay bills using the NFC, Bluetooth etc

5) IoT ready

By combining with the Brillo OS, Google has developed the Android M for supporting the IoT. Since Windows 10 has been introduced for the IoT, each and every operating system which was developed was now supporting the IoT. So it was also considered to be one of the major advantages  for Android M.

6) Supports USB Type-C

Another major advantage of the Android M is it was developed to support the USB Type-C adapters. These type of adapters were recently introduced in to the market, supporting this makes a bigger advantages and it also tells that Google was moving towards the future.

7) Doze – Power saving mode

This power saving mode was introduced in the Android M for saving the power. This feature will put all the applications to sleep when it was not in use so that the background power draining will not happen. This is one of the good feature which was introduced in the Android M which does 50% more power saving than Android 5.

8) Menu – Vertical Scrolling

Vertical scrolling has been introduced in the Android M. This feature has been introduced in the older version of the Android, that too in some of the phones only. Right now it was introduced in the Android M. It also makes you to easily search for apps according to the alphabets.

9) Volume Button

In the previous version of the android, when pressing the volume button, you will notice that only the volume of the phone can be changed, but now in the latest versions of the Android M, you will get all the volume controls with the help of the drop down button which was newly introduced.

10) Customize Notification UI

In Android M you can easily customize the setting in the notification drawer. You can select which icons should be visible in the notification area.

11) Dark settings theme

If you use the developer mode then you can easily set the dark theme which was availbale in the developer settings menu.

12) Quickly uninstall apps

Previous version of the android allows you to go to the Settings->Apps to uninstall the apps, but in the latest version of the Android M allows you to easily uninstall the apps but touch and holding options.

13) Now on Tap

Google Now is a great feature of Android and it gets even better in Android M. Now on Tap means you can long press the home button wherever you are you call up Google Now.

14) Direct Share

The links, photos, files which you are sharing are now directly added to the share menu so that it will be easily available to you to speed up the process.

15) Auto app data backup

Android M allows you to make app data backup automatically to your google drive, if you need the app data then it will restore from the google drive, but the space which you have in your google drive will be counted for the app data too.

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