Top 10 Best Android Apps in 2015 you must have downloaded

Here are Top 10 Best Android Apps in 2015 you must have download. Android has become one of the most widely used mobile operating system in the world, starting from the middle aged person to business class people, most of them are using the android mobiles. It been used because of the best application compatability to all the version of the Android mobiles. There are millions of android application which was widely used and millions of downloads were made on the daily basis.


Downloading the application may differ on the people who are all using the android application. Business class people may use business related android application and students will use social networking android application. Today i am going to tell you abou the top 10 best android application 2015 you must have downloaded and used in your android mobiles. Lets go to the Top 10 Best Android Apps

1) Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud storage android application which can be used in your android mobile. One of the best feature of the Dropbox is its synchronization feature, by using this feature you can easily sunchronize your files, music, videos etc. across many devices. It supports more devices such as Windows, Linux, Android, Windows Phone etc.

Download Dropbox

2) Youtube

Youtube is a video streaming android application by which you can use your android phone to view streaming videos. Since Google was upgrading the algorithms for the streaming applications and more updated features were released on the monthly basis for all the google android applications, you can use the youtube android application to video the streaming videos. It supports 1080p videos and 720p videos, you can also watch videos in the low bandwith and the application will adjust the streaming according to the bandwidth for which you have allocated.

Download Youtube

3) Google Search

Google Search is the necessary android app which one must have because of its unique search feature. Doing the google search in your android mobile phone is different from what your are doing in the desktops. The location based search which was available in the google search is most widely used feature for searching the places nearby your place. You can also use your voice to search for the places, dining, maps etc. Since most of the google features are integrated to the google search you can use this application for many purpose.

Download Google Search

4) MX Player

If you need a video player for your android phone then you must download the MX Player for playing videos. It almost supports more video formats in your android mobile phone. It also supports Software and Hardware acceleration for playing the videos that gives you good quality while watching the videos. It also enables you to use the subtitles while playing the videos and you can also crop the aspect ratio of the video during the playback. It integrates most of the features which you can have in your desktop PC. You can also upgrade to the PRO for more features.

Download MX Player

5) Go Weather

Go Weather is a weather monitoring android application which supports most of the location worldwide. If you are living in a remote area then you can check out this android application for checking the forecast. One of the best feature which was available in the Go Weather was you can set the forcating details as your desktop by which according to the temperature change the wallpaper of your android mobile will also get changed. You can go for the PRO which has more advance feature like future forecasting upto a week and it also gives you the rain forecasting.

Download Go Weather

6) Facebook

Facebook one of the greatest social networking application which was used by billions of people in the world. More and more features were released by facebook to protect the privacy of the user. Recent release of the messenger application also gives you more control over the chat logs in facebook. The release of the facebook home button which keeps you the updated profile pictures as your launcher was the best move made by facebook.

Download Facebook

7) Amazon Shopping

Using the android application for more purpose such as social integration, keep updated with the world, tech updates etc but when you come to online shopping it made you to go to desktop for buying the online goods for you personal use. But Amazon Shopping android application made it simple by alowing you to purchase any kind of online materials just with your smartphone. Amazon shopping android application gives you a more detialed look about the online goods which you are trying to purchase. You can purchase the goods on the go just with simple clicks in your smartphone. You pay using all the gateway as like you are making in the desktop.

Download Amazon Shopping

8) Google Maps

When comes to travel Google Maps is one of the best travel guide which makes you to travel to the location where you need to go. It has lots and lots of features same as it has in the desktop version. You search for the locations and save it with the help of your gmail id and you can access it wherever you want. You can also navigate using the google maps by using the voice features which you can set by yourself. The most unique feature which was released by google was the offline downloading of maps, ie you can download the maps which you need when you are online and you can save those maps for the offline access. Using the GPS you can pinpoint to the location and travel almost to any part of the world.

Download Google Maps

9) Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary is a Adobe product and it was a image editing tool which has tons of features if you go to PRO. If you go to the best image editing tool in the market adobe photoshop is one of the best tool which gives you more features for editing a image. Aviary is also the one which gives you more space to edit the image which you snap in your android mobile.

Download Aviary Photo Editor

10) Clean Master

The final one which you must have in your android mobile phone is the Clean Master. This application is used for optimizing your mobile phone by clearing the unwanted temporary files and folders and lets you to make your android mobile phone faster. It has one touch button which you can use to optimize your mobile or you can also schedule it to cleanup your mobile. With the help of this android application you can uninstall your android applications and you can also take backup. If you have a rooted android mobile phone then you can use the extended features of the Clean Master

Download Clean Master

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