How to Chat with Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger at same time

Mini Bytes: Do yo want to chat with your Friends, Families and Relatives at the same time, Then you need this app to use your Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in the same app in same window. Lets see how we can do this.

 Most of them are fond of chatting and their only work at their week end is Chating with their online friends. Since the technology is enhancing the way of communicating to others was also increasing.



10 Years ago, if you want to talk with your friends and relatives, then you need to go to their place to have conversation and party. But now you can simply take your mobile from your pocket chat with your friends and relatives or even you can have video call with them within moments.

This is how the technology is moving on. Every people is online now and we are having online world that welcomes you in the mere future.

Lets go to the topic, if you want to message to your friends, then you need to open WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or Skype to communicate with them. These apps were seperate apps and every time you need to open them seperately and need to have chat with your friends.

This is something annoying because, every time you open these apps, then your mobile will surely hang if it was a ordinary android mobile. To overcome this you can use a chrome plugin in your desktop that will aloww you to chat in WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook Messenger at the same time.

Yes you can login to all these apps at the same time and can have chat with your friends and relatives. To move between you apps, you just need to switch over the tabs and can be online any time.


All-in-One-Messenger supports the following chats and messenger platforms WhatsApp , Skype , Google Hangouts , Facebook Messenger , ICQ , Steam , Slack , HipChat , Telegram , WeChat , ChatWork , GroupMe , Gitter , Grape , Discord , Flowdock , Yahoo Messenger , Tencent QQ , XMPP (Jabber) , WIRE , Mattermost , Rocket.Chat , DingTalk , Dasher , Noysi , BearyChat , Missive , Zalo , Crisp , Flock.

I also supports multiple instance that will makes you to chat instantly with multiple apps. The only disadvantage is All-in-One-Messenger can only be installed as a Chrome Plugin in Google Chrome Browser.

Use this plugin and chat with all your friends. Please Comment below.

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