How to Learn Networking (IT Certifications) with Free of Cost

The following post is regarding the IT Education and cheap ways to study the IT Certifications, it doesn’t mean that you can study the IT Certifications with no cost, you need to spend a lot of time in this to study the IT Certifications. Yes you can study the IT Certifications at free of cost but the only thing you need to have is the interest and the study materials. Everything can studied on their own but all the things cannot be studied on their own, there is a barrier between a well educated IT Professional and an experienced IT Professional.


An IT Professional with hands on experience of about 5 to 10 years can boom in the market, but only he has completed the IT Certifications and the need to know the work around and the knowledge on the recent technology he is working. Always the real time exposure will give him a good experience to handle multiple problems. Now lets see how to learn the IT Certifications with the help of the Internet.

Cloud tools:

There are many cloud tools which are providing the Windows Server and Linux Server operating system in the cloud environment. It will be very helpful for the IT guys to learn the newly developed technology in the real time but most of them will not have the environment for working around, but they will have the interest to learn about new servers and the cloud tools will also provide the required hardware (Only Minimum Requirements) for testing the hardware.

But you need ot keep in mind that all the tools are provided for trail version only and not for full use, you need to pay to use the full features of the environment. below are the top cloud providers in the market.

  1. Amazon EC2 Cloud
  2. Windows Azure
  3. Exchange Online

Note:They will provide Trail Period for testing and you need to have credit card to create accounts.

Virtualization :

Virtualization is the most recent technology which was on the top and also used by all the organizations world wide. But for using the Virtualization you need to have a separate virtual lab or the virtualization supported hardware to work around, but buying those kind of hardware really cost high. So the simple way to work with the virtualization is the virtualization software which was available for the free download.


You can use this software to work on the virtualizaion and you can use it at free of cost without any issue. You can search for Google for how to configure those software to work in them. Here are some of the virtualization software which you can download for free.

  1. VMware Player
  2. Windows Virtual PC
  3. VirtualBox

Live CD for Linux OS :

If you are reading this post then you must have heared the Live CD or DVD in the Linux platform, since installing the Linux is some what difficult (That is what others think, but it was really easy) most of the Linux operating system was nowadays coming with the Live CD/DVD Options.

With the help of this options you can easy go into the Operating system without installing the operating system in your system, so it will be helpful for you to decide whether you need to install the operating system or not, and keep in mind that you cannot experience full features in the Live CD/DVD. You need to install the Operating System fully to experience the full features of the Operating system. Most of the Linux distribution packages comes with the Live CD/DVD options.

Note : Since Linux is a opensource platform, most of the operating system was free for download, you only need to pay for support that too only for the Server Linux Operating System.

Networking :

So now you can learn the Windows and the Linux Operating System easily with the help of the above content, so what about Networking. For Learning about networking you need to have the real time routers, switches and hubs, that is impossible because you need to spend huge amount of money to buy these products. SO there is an alternative to learn the Networking. You can create the Virtual Routers and the Virtual Switches to learn about the Networking. Below are some of the tools you can use for studying the Networking.

For Virtual Routers :

  1. RouterOS
  2. ZeroShell
  3. Endian

For CISCO or Juniper (Network Emulators)

  1. GNS3 Graphical
  2. Network Simulator

For RADIUS & 802.1X Authentication

  1. FreeRADIUS
  2. TekRADIUS

For Network Security & Penetration Testing

  1. BackTrack.

Windows Administration :

For Microsoft Windows Operating System, they are providing the Cloud Platform for doing the testing in the latest release but they are also providing the Free Trials Editions for Windows Server, Windows Small Business Server and Windows Client Operating Systems and many other products. You can simply register for the Microsoft Technet for accessing the evaluation products.

Databases Administration :

For learning about the Database, you can simply go for the Open Source Database Software which was available for free download. Some of the free database software are as follows.

  1. MySQL
  2. SQLite
  3. PostgreSQL
  4. Microsoft SQL Server (Not free)
  5. DB2 (Not free)
  6. Oracle (Not free)
  7. Sybase (Not free)

Software Development :

For Software developers who are all working in the Microsoft Visual Studio, they can download the Microsoft Visual Studio from the Microsoft website to learn how to develop the software. You can also create a Web-server using the Apache Tomcat Servers and develop the Web-based language Programs.

DreamSpark is one of the Microsoft Students program, by which they are providing development tools free of charge. To create an account in the Dreamspark you need to contact your educators or Institution after joining DreamSpark you will also receive a 90 days free .Net training course from Pluralsight, which is offered as only a 10-day free trial to the general public.

I think this post will be helpful for all who are all trying to learn the IT Certifications, If you have any doubt kindly contact me…

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