How to Connect Remote Desktop (RDP) in Linux to Windows

Mini Bytes: Do you want to take Remote Desktop of a Linux server from a Windows machine, then here is the tutorial to take RDP session of a Linux server from a Windows machine

So for taking Remote Desktop of a Linux server, I am going to visit on called xrdp. xrdp is open source Remote Desktop protocol server which you can install in your Linux machine, so it opens up the RDP port 3389 that makes you way to connect your Linux PC from Windows machine.



xrdp is a simple software which can be installed in Linux machine and its size was about 2 MB, so you can just install using your RPM package manager on your inbuilt installer.

In this article, I am going to tell you how to install and connect your Linux machine from a Windows machine using the RDP protocol. So at first we need to install the Tiger VNC server and also the xrdp software in your Linux machine.

Add the EPEL Repository in Linux:

You can use the RPM package installer for this purpose, but before using your installer in your Linux, you just need to add the EPEL repository on your Linux server the only you can install the xrdp packages from online. To add the EPEL repositories, just run the below command in your terminal in both for your 32-bit and 64-bit Linux machine.

32-Bit & 64-Bit

# rpm -Uvh
# rpm -Uvh

Install XRDP & Tiger VNC Server in Linux:

After running the above command, you can now download the xrdp package and the tiger VNC server from the repository. To install the xrdp and the tiger VNC server, use the below command in your terminal with the elevated privileges i.e. with root permissions.

# yum -y install xrdp tigervnc-server

The above command will install your Tiger VNC server and xrdp by downloading it from the EPEL repositories.

Start the Service & Enable Service on Boot:

After installing xrdp package in your Linux server, you need to start the service and check whether the port 3389 was open in your Linux machine. For this purpose you can use the tool called netstat. But before checking for the port number you need to start the xrdp service in your Linux machine using the below command.

# service xrdp start
# netstat -antup | grep xrdp

After starting the services and checking for the open port, make sure you run the below command, so that whenever you restart your Linux server the xrdp & vncserver services will get started by default.

# chkconfig xrdp on
# chkconfig vncserver on

Now you can connect your Linux server from the Windows machine using the Remote Desktop connection option which was available in your Windows.



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