Live booting Kali Linux 1.1.0a – latest version 2015

Kali Linux is the most widely used penetration testing tool by most of the security administrators. It was fully made of Linux operating system and fully compatible with all kinds of hardware’s i.e. we call install the Kali Linux in our desktop operating system. You just need to haveĀ  a valid network connection to connect to another host system to test your security issues. There are more advantages over running the Kali Linux such as

  • Full Customisation of Kali ISOs
  • Flexibility of Live-build
  • Live USB with LUKS Encrypted Persistence
  • Live USB with Multiple Persistence Stores
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • LUKS Encryption Nuke
  • Amazon EC2 AWS Images
  • Automating Kali Linux Deployment
  • Kali Linux on a Raspberry Pi and Other ARM Devices
  • Kali Linux Forensics Mode
  • Kali Linux Running on Android
  • Disk Encryption on Raspberry Pi 2

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