New Features in WhatsApp you probably didn’t know it exist

WhatsApp is a billion dollar company, which was sold to Facebook for $19 Billion and now it was used by more than 900 million people around the world. Today WhatsApp has become one of the best social networking app to connect the world together with the help of mobile phones and internet.

You can connect to different people in different countries and can have group conversation with them. Similar to the SMS, What was using the internet to send and receive data throughout the world. There are new features in WhatsApp that you didn’t know that exist in WhatsApp.

If you are willing to pay for the data connection then you can use the WhatsApp app for free. You can also send and receive pictures and videos through WhatsApp. Recently WhatsApp introduced to send the other type of files such as documents and zip files through the WhatsApp app.


They have also introduced the WhatsApp calling feature, i.e. voice calling using the Internet for free and they are going to introduce the video calling feature in the WhatsApp app, that was in the beta version.

Here we can see some of the best features you did’t know that exists in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Desktop:

Recently WhatsApp for desktop feature was introduced. This application can be installed in Windows 8 or Higher, Mac OS X 10.9 or Higher. It was available in both 32 bit and 64 bit version and was available in the WhatsApp website.

This application works a s a same like your mobile phone app with all the features you have in your desktop too. Now you can chat, share and call using your WhatsApp desktop application like you do in the mobile.

This WhatsApp desktop application was released in rival with the Skype and we still need to wait and see what the WhatsApp desktop app was going to do in the future.

WhatsApp Web Access:

This WhatsApp web access feature was introduced last year and it can be use only in the chrome web browser. This feature is same as like the WhatsApp mobile app and will do all the stuff which a mobile can do.

To login with the help of this chrome browser, you need to scan your mobile qr code feature, which will be available in the WhatsApp mobile app.

One thing you need to remember is, your mobile WhatsApp and the browser app both should be online to use the WhatsApp online in the web browser. If the mobile data was closed then your session in the web browser will also get close.

These kind of security feature was enabled to improve the security of the WhatsApp application.

Turn Off Read Receipts:

By default read receipts feature will be on in the WhatsApp and this feature was enabled from the starting phase but now you can turn off the read receipts, so that your friends don’t think that you are ignoring them.

This feature can be accessed from the following location.

Settings -> Account -> Privacy and switch off the read receipts.

This feature has saved most of the quarrel between friends because of the feeling like they ignored their message. That’s true isn’t it.

Check whether your message was read:

Even though you can turn off your read receipt feature, you can also check whether your message was delivered and read by the recipient.

This may be helpful for those who is sending an important message to someone who care. This is an important feature everybody loves that was not available in the old SMS protocol.

Thanks to WhatsApp for giving this interesting feature. You can also check the time of delivery by just swiping the message to the left side.

Stop saving photos to save storage:

If you have joined many groups then WhatsApp will consume a lot of storage by saving your video and photos which you see regularly.

To avoid storing the pictures in your mobile Goto Apple Settings -> Privacy -> Photos and then un-check the WhatsApp from the list. i.e. you are banning the WhatsApp from saving new pictures in to the camera roll.

This will download the pictures but it will prohibit to save it in the camera roll.

Can keep custom group notification:

If you are managing or joined more number of group, then you can create custom group notification in our mobile.

For doing this, you need to go to the respected group and click the name of the group and select “Custom Notifications” in which you can select the different ringtone.

Change WhatsApp number if you changed your phone:

If you are using WhatsApp in one mobile and if you want to change your number, then WhatsApp has given you some feature for this.

You can simply go to Settings -> Account -> Change Number, select this option and WhatsApp will guide you for changing the number.

After changing your number, your old contacts and messages will remain the same. It you change your phone and change your number then you will lose all your WhatsApp contacts and messages.

Hide Last Seen:

Last Seen is a simple feature which will be shown in the WhatsApp whenever come and go online, i.e. while you are chatting this feature will show your status to your recipient.

if you want to turn this feature off, then Goto Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Last Seen. Here you can select who can view your last seen status.

Note : If you enable this feature, then you wont be about to see anyone time or status too.

Mute Group Chats:

Some of the groups you have joined may be annoying and can disturb you whenever you are in work. You can Turn off the notification or mute the particular notification for a year or week or 8 hours.

If you are using big groups which was regularly updated with messages, then you may need this option.

Network Usage in WhatsApp:

To find out the network usage the you need to go-to Settings -> Account -> Network Usage. Here you can see the contacts which you have communicated regularly and the total number of messages will be displayed here.

You can also check how much bandwidth you have used so far.

Send bold, italic and strike-through text :

This is the new feature which was introduced in WhatsApp. You can now send bold. italic and strike-through text with the help of WhatsApp editor.

To send bold text add “*” in-front of the text. (e.g * Help)
To send italic text add “_” before and after the word. (e.g. _Help_)
To send Strike-through text add “~” before and after the word. (e.g. ~Help~).

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