Networking Technical Terms – Part 1

What is Public Cloud ?

A Public cloud is a cloud computing platform where the company relies on the third party service providers for the Servers, Storage and data. These services will be delivered to the company through the Internet by the Service Providers.

What is Private Cloud ?

Private Cloud is a cloud computing platform which was implemented within a corporate firewall which will be controlled by the IT Department. It will serve as like the public cloud platform with all the features.

What is VPC – Virtual Private Cloud ?

Virtual Private Cloud is a similar to that of the private cloud where the platform is implemented within the public cloud platform and the resources distributed to the users (Companies) via a secure VPN services. E.g.  Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

What is Scalability ?

Scalability is also called as Handling capability. I.e. ability of the System or the Network to give its higher output when there is an increase in the load. If you are going to increase the work force in your company  you need to check the servers scalability i.e. you need to check whether your servers are capable to handle that much users.

What is Migration ?

Migration is a process of moving from one stage to another stage, it may involve a new to old or old to new environment. Eg domain migration, data migration, cloud migration.

What is VSP – Virtualization Service provider ?

VSP is responsible for sharing the common storage device across the multiple virtual machines. It is also responsible for ensuring that all the virtual machines successfully connects to the Hardware in the secure environment. It runs in the Parent partition.

What is VSC – Virtualization Service Client ?

VSC runs in the child partitions and presents the virtual device to each child partition. For a given VSC there would be a corresponding VSP in the parent partition. In other words VSP and VSC exist as pairs. For example there would be a VSP/VSC pair for storage device.

What is VMBUS ?

VMBus is a point to point memory bus that is used by VSP & VSC to communicate each other.

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