Amazon Delivery Review in India

Amazon was one of the top most eCommerce online brand in India selling goods to the consumers. Amazon landed a couple of years before and now it was standing on the top of the online platform. Every one in India knows that amazon is a new online shopping platform which gives more offers for products.

Here we can see the Amazon delivery review in India i.e. we can see a small review about the customer satisfaction in India. When comes to the customer satisfaction the online shopping platform like amazon, Flipkart, ebay all are performing a level to attain more customer trust.

But Amazon which landed a couple of years before was performing poor and still in my area i.e. in pondicherry the delivery was very worst. Actually my friends will order goods and products from amazon and also in flipkart. After placing the orders in amazon and Flipkart, we will receive the products at least before the date which they confirm.

We have ordered approximately 20 products in Flipkart and we have got the products which was in good condition most of the time. But most of the time after buying the products we have faced some issues in the electronic products, so we have requested for replacement.

Every time we requested for replacement, we have successfully replaced that product and got the new one within 2 or 3 days at a maximum. But while comparing Flipkart with amazon in our are, delivery was good and some times we are facing issues like, most of the places were not available for delivery option like Flipkart does the delivery option in the main area.

Replacement in Amazon was also taking such a lot of time and due to this my friends are feared of purchasing products from amazon. I have also inquired with most of my friends in our area who are purchasing products regularly from Online shopping kart.

Every time amazon which was having big service was having issues in replacement, so if amazon wants to come to the top list regardless of the customer satisfaction, then they need to concentrate on the product replacement rather than the product delivery.

Because every time, when a customer places a order in the online shopping platform, we first thinks the following

  • What if the Product come malfunctioned ?
  • What if the Products doesn’t come to my home ?
  • How to cover warranty of the product ?
  • How much time they will take to replace the product ?

If all the online selling platform thinks from the customer side, then customers don’t need to worry about buying products from online. Right now they are covering only the metro cities by offering full customer satisfaction but in the rural places, customers are still struggling while booking products.

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