Google Translator Review

Google translator is a translation web application which was used by most of the people around the world for translating the languages to other languages Google provides this option globally so that it can be used for all in various ways here I am going to do a review about the Google translator.

In my review I am going to consider the Internet bandwidth which Google Translator uses on the languages which Google Translator uses to convert from one form to another, speed of the translation, the efficiency of the translation, and the mistake which occurs while translating from one language to another. so these are the things I am going to cover in my review.

Internet Bandwidth Usage by Google Translator:

When talking about the Internet bandwidth, Google uses a low Internet bandwidth for translating the languages. So right now, I am using the Google translator to write this post. What you are reading is fully written with the help of Google Translator, you can doubt how could I do this, but this post was fully written using the Google translator. Google Translator uses only small amount of Internet bandwidth like 14 KBPS to 15 KBPS for uploading your voice to the Google servers, so that it can be translated and converted into the text using the Google servers.Here i am using only a low bandwidth for Internet connection, so it was easy for me to write this post using the Google translator. Next time if you want to write a post, better you can use the Google Translator, but one thing you need to keep in mind, you need to make the corrections like punctuation’s, space, everything you need to take care of it before posting it.

Speed of Translation:

You already know Google has many data centers around the world, So when comparing the speed of translation to other web service, Google translator provides us the best service which was available globally without any downtime.

The Efficiency of Translation:

Efficiency of google translation may not be hundred percent accurate, but if you keep on translating your languages, then it’ll be useful for you to train up and do the most of the things which the Google service gives us. Since I’m using the Google Translator efficiently and usefully, up to me it was providing me the best service and it was useful for me in most of the things. When I go to some other countries or to some other places, where I don’t know the language, I will use the Google translator to translate the languages. so Google Translator provides us the best service.

Error Which occurs while Translating:

Even though we can translate more languages which was available in the translator some of the languages have issues while translating some keywords which was used broadly so if these mistakes are clear then it can provide the best accuracy while translating the languages. To clear the errors which occurs on translator, Google frequently updating the service with the algorithms which was useful for you to translate the specific key words. But you also need to provide feedback to the Google employees so that (you can find it in the Google translate website)it can be rectified. We also need to provide our full cooperation to them to avoid the errors.


Google provides free services to all the people globally, so we also need to give our Co-operation like, providing the feedback to the Google, so that those free services continue in the future. Google translator is also a free service which was provided by the Google that can be utilized efficiently or it can be used in the software applications.

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