How to change Screen Resolution via Registry

Most of the people have tried to change the screen resolution via registry in the notebook but they can’t able to change due to some restricted permission which was given by the Windows Operating System by default. Due to this problem some of the applications what we use in the desktops cant be able to use in the notebooks, that is the main drawback in the notebooks especially if we use the Windows 8 operating system.

But if we tweak the registry we can change the Screen Resolution in the notebooks. To do this tweak we don’t want to be a computer geek, it was a simple registry tweak that can be done with a proper guide. But you need to keep in mind that if you change the registry settings in a improper manner i.e. if you change it without any knowledge then your operating system will be corrupted and it will make you to re-install the operating system again. So you need to be careful before doing this registry changes.

Step 1 : Goto RUN and type “regedit” in the edit box.

Step 2 : Then the registry editor will get opened, there just use the “Ctrl+F” to search the registry key which you are going to change

Step 3 : In the search box type “Display1_DownScalingSupported” and hit enter.


Step 4 : Then after searching a registry key will be highlighted, then hit enter to edit that key and change the hexadecimal value form “0 to 1”. After changing the value press F3 to proceed search for the remaining keys, if the keys again appear then change the value for all the keys i.e. for “Display1_DownScalingSupported” from “0 to 1”

Step 5 : After changing the values of the keys, restart the system. After restarting the system you will find the 1024×768 resolution in your display settings.

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  1. jual celana sirwal says:

    we have an option in GUI, then y we need to go fr registry. Registry editing is very dangerous.

  2. alphonsosilva says:

    will it work for windows 10?

  3. nannie says:

    you rocked man… thanks you saved my life…

  4. CorySmall says:

    thank for sharing

  5. Paventhan D says:

    may be…but you can try silva

  6. carolhuddleston says:

    nice post , thanks for the information…..

  7. edith_garlock says:

    Thanks for finally talking about change screen resolution via registry, loved it!

  8. Kenin says:

    Thank you edith…

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