Error : You have files waiting to be burned to disc

In Windows 7 and Windows 8, If you see this error then you are not in a major problem. This error is indicated in the notification area in the latest Windows Operating System to intimate you that there are some files which are waiting to be written in the CD or DVD. This error can be easily eliminated form the notification area by clearing the Temporary Folder. The main advantage of clearing the temporary folder will reduce the unwanted disk space from your hard disk. This tutorial is very simple and follow the steps which was given below.


Goto -> C:UsersUsernameAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsBurnTemporary Burn Folder


Goto -> RUN -> type “shell:cd burning” and hit Enter, the temporary folder location will open.

After opening the folder, just select all the files in that folder and delete, so that you can also reduce the disk space of your hard disk.

After deleting the files in the Temporary Burn Folder, restart the system, after restarting the system you will not see the Pop up windows in the notification area again.

You can also clear the Temporary Burn Folder files by using the delete temporary files options which will be available in the properties of the CD/DVD drive in the My Computer Explorer location.

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