Guidelines to Completely Uninstall Software

There are several software progrmas and utilities available in the internet for download. These softwares and utilites when installed in the computer will surely need one day to uninstall it. Here there are some guidelines to completely unstall the Software snad Utilities. Some of the applications we use are..

  • Applications that we use to perform our tasks.
  • Utilities that we use to maintain our computer
  • Device drivers and other such products that are required to use hardware devices and certain software programs.
  • Applications that help in keeping our system safe from security threats.

In addition to this, there is the chance that you have some unwanted software that you don’t use and is just using up your disk space and system resources. These software programs affect the performance of your computer and may even open it up to various security threats. This is because we usually fail to update the programs we don’t use. So, if there is a virus or spyware that is built around a security vulnerability it may easily infiltrate your system. This is the reason why it is recommended that you regularly check your system for unwanted software programs and uninstall them using legitimate methods.

There are many ways in which you can remove programs from your computer. The most commonly used methods are discussed here.

Using Add or Remove Programs

The Add or Remove Programs utility that is shipped with your Windows operating system is the most popular method to remove programs. You can open this utility from the Control Panel or by running the appwiz.cpl command. After you open the Add or Remove Programs window, select the programs you want to remove (one-by-one) from the Currently installed programs list and then select the Change/Remove or the Remove button to launch the uninstall utility.

Using the Program Uninstall Option

Many software provide a shortcut to their uninstall program utility in their Start menu folder. You may also navigate to the programs folder and then double-click on it’s uninstall file to remove it.

Using Program Uninstaller Tool

Manufacturers of large software products, usually provide uninstaller tools for their products on their web site. These uninstaller tools ensure complete removal of these programs from your computer. For example, to completely remove Norton Internet Security tool, you may download its uninstaller from the Symantec web site.

Using Antispyware

Spyware programs may stealthily install on your computer and feed on your system resources. These programs also steal your personal and confidential information and transmit it to external sources to be used for undesired advertising and other malicious purposes. To get rid of these malicious and troublesome programs, you need to use a good and updated antispyware tool. When you scan your computer using antispyware, a thorough scan is performed on your hard disk volumes and registry entries to detect and remove any information related to spyware.

Making Registry Edits

There are some programs that do not have any specific uninstall program. For example, there is no specific uninstall tool to remove DirectX 9 from your computer. Many of these programs are removed by making registry edits. So, if you have been wondering how to uninstall DirectX 9, you need to open Registry Editor (regedit), delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftDirectX, and the restart your computer. When you restart, DirectX 8—the default DirectX version for Windows XP—will be installed automatically.

It is also recommended that after you have removed a software using any of the methods discussed above, you use an efficient registry tool to scan and clean up any left-over orphaned software entries. This not only helps you ensure complete software removal, but also helps you maintain a high-performance, compact registry.

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