Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update release date March 11 Rumor

Windows leaker WZor, as told in the previous post that the Windows 8.1 Update is going to be released by the Microsoft and the now it was rumored that the Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update release date is March 11. Windows 8.1 Update the first update which was going to be released by the Microsoft after the release of the Windows 8.1 Operating System.

In this Update you are not going to see any major changes but anyhow Microsoft has managed to give some of the features which users still wanted in the Windows 8.1 Operating system. Since the release of the Windows 8 Operating System, there are many issues in using the OS in the PC, Tablets and also in the Laptops including the touch screen. To avoid those problems Microsoft was releasing many updates including the major updates and also the minor updates slowly.

Windows 8.1-Update

Now Microsoft Windows 8.1 Update is considered to be the one in that path. In this Update you can see many features which was included by the Microsoft they are as follows..

  • Reduces the Memory Usage
  • Reduces the Disk Space (OS Files Only)
  • Ability to Pin Metro Apps in the Task Bar
  • Thumbnail Preview of Metro Apps
  • Supports more laptops an tablets
  • New Power Options in the Charm Bar


If this Update was released as on the expected date you can directly download from the Windows Update Service, and you also need a Internet Connection to download the Update. If Microsoft releases the Windows 8.1 Update download as a single package then you can download it here

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