Server Scenario Interview Questions – Part 1

Server Scenario Interview Question : 1

Consider a Active Directory domain controller which was placed in a Head Office located at India, It was having a time zone of +GMT 5:30. If you are planning to add an additional domain controller in your branch office which was located at (eg) Japan with a +GMT 2.00 then

Possible doubts :

1) Do we need to create separate domain controller with separate domain at japan since the time zone changes.

2) Do we need to create a separate time server to synchronize both the domain controllers.

3) Do we need to use the +GMT 2.00 at japan, since no other options are available because of the changes in the time zone.

Answer :

Since the Active Directory uses the different time to synchronize between their servers you can use the same domain controller at India as your primary domain controller and you can add an additional domain controller from japan to the primary domain controller in India. It does not affect your time synchronization between your servers.

For a detailed description : Time Synchronization in Active Directory Forests

Server Scenario Interview Question : 2

Consider a active directory domain controller in your organization which was controlling all the servers in your office. You are residing at the same office and you too have child domains which was having the parent as your primary domain controller When you are trying to access your primary domain controller from the child domain with the administrative access you cant able to access your primary domain and it was throwing an error called “The Search filter cannot be recognized”.

Basic troubleshooting steps for this scenario :

1) You need to check the network connectivity with the primary domain controller.

2) You need to check the access permission for the account from which you are trying to access.

Solution :

In the Active Directory Users and Computers management console goto the Menu and in there goto the view options and clear the “Filter option”. After clearing the filter you can able to access your primary domain controller.

Server Scenario Interview Question : 3

When you are trying to join your client pc to the domain controller then you are facing the below error.

Error Message :

“An attempt to resolve the DNS name of a domain controller in the domain being joined has failed. Please verify this client is configured to reach a DNS server that can resolve DNS names in the target Domain.”

Basic troubleshooting steps for this scenario :

1) When ever you are typing the domain name in your client pc, make sure you are typing the correct DNS name. You should not enter the NETBIOS name.

2) Run NSLOOKUP in the command prompt and make sure that your client pc can reach the DNS Server.

3) Make sure you have entered the correct DNS Server and check for the connectivity to the DNS Server. You can also use the ping tool to check the connectivity to your DNS Server.

4) Ensure that you have given correct IP address at the place of preferred DNS server in the IP properties.

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